Stop Stomach Rash with a Nickel Free Belt

Nickel Test & Protect

Nickel Alert® is a fast, effective way to test any metal object for nickel.

If nickel is detected, use Nickel Guard® to protect your skin!

Start with Nickel Solution® which contains 1 Nickel Alert & 1 Nickel Guard. 

Nickel Test & Protect


Product type
Nickel Solution, Nickel Alert test any metal, Nickel Guard provides a strong barrier
Image of Nickel Alert bottle with a nickel and a cotton swab showing a positive test.  The swab turn pink indicating nickel is present.
Nickel Guard 2 pack. Protect. Dermatologist recommended. Two 0.23oz bottles.
Image of 2 bottles of Nickel Alert, a nickel and a cotton swab with a pink color indication a positive reaction.- easy, effective, detect nickel in metal within seconds.  Made in USA
Nickel free belts gift card
Nickel Guard® Single Pack - clear coating barrier for any metal