Stop Stomach Rash with a Nickel Free Belt

Nickel Test & Protect

Nickel Alert® is a fast, effective way to test any metal object for nickel.

If nickel is detected, use Nickel Guard® to protect your skin!

Start with Nickel Solution® which contains 1 Nickel Alert & 1 Nickel Guard. 

Graphic of Nickel Solution which contains Nickel Alert and Nickel Guard.  Nickel Alert tests for nickel. Nickel Guard protects you from contact with nickel.


Product type
Nickel Solution, Nickel Alert test any metal, Nickel Guard provides a strong barrier
Image of Nickel Alert bottle with a nickel and a cotton swab showing a positive test.  The swab turn pink indicating nickel is present.
Nickel Guard 2 pack. Protect. Dermatologist recommended. Two 0.23oz bottles.
Image of 2 bottles of Nickel Alert, a nickel and a cotton swab with a pink color indication a positive reaction.- easy, effective, detect nickel in metal within seconds.  Made in USA
Nickel free belts e-gift card
Nickel Guard® Single Pack - clear coating barrier for any metal