New Nickel Free Belts

Nickel free buckles sewn to genuine leather straps.
New Nickel Free Belts


Product type
Black Leather Belt with Silver Nickel Free Buckle. Sides have single stitch for decoration.
Urbanite Brown Leather Belt by Nickel Zero. Solid brown leather strap with silver-tone buckle.
Black Mountain Belt by Nickel Smart. All-black style. Solid genuine leather black strap.
Urbanite Black Leather Belt. Genuine leather strap with tapered end. Curved zinc alloy buckle.
Image The Classified Distressed Gray Leather Belt with black edges.  TSA Friendly. No Metal
Save $2996
Urbanite Black and Brown Leather Belt Set by Nickel Zero. One solid black belt, one solid brown.
Millennial Black Leather Belt (Stitched) by Nickel Zero | Black leather belt, white accent stitching
Save $500
Millennial Brown Leather Belt (Stitched) by Nickel Zero, brown leather belt, white accent stitching
Save $500
Nickel Free Buckle with wide pin. Hypoallergenic Silver buckle with black leather strap.
The Site Manager Distressed Leather Brown Belt by Nickel Smart® | hypoallergenic, nickel safe
Ridgeline Trail Heavy Duty Brown Belt by Nickel Smart® | full grain leather, raw edges
Square Wide Pin Distressed Leather Belt (Gray) by Nickel Smart® | distressed gray leather, nickel free
Save $1000
Image of Ridgeline Trail Heavy Duty Black Belt by Nickel Smart on model. Roller Buckle
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