Belt & Wallet Sets

We make gift giving easy! Our top selling belts curated for the perfect gift and only available during the holiday season. Paired with a genuine full grain leather wallet, these gift sets are the complete package.

Belts are packaged in long-lasting belt boxes, perfect for wrapping now or later, storage and travel. 

Our gift sets are a great present for anyone, particularly those who are allergic to nickel. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered! 

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*Sorry, wallets do not come with cash or credit cards :)

Belt & Wallet Sets


Product type
Image of Rocky River Brown distressed leather belt with matching distressed bifold wallet.

3 reviews
Caraway Mountain belt & Reed card holder. Distressed brown leather. Belt has cream edge stitching.

2 reviews
The Site Manager Distressed Leather Work Brown Belt & Wallet Set by Nickel Smart. Randolph option.

2 reviews
Reed Wallet wrapped in Titanium Wide Pin Distressed Leather Belt. Matching distressed leather.

2 reviews
Mt. Pisgah Titanium Distressed Leather Belt & Wallet Set | Distressed leather belt with cardholder

2 reviews
Ridgeline Trail Brown Distressed Leather Belt and Wallet Set by Nickel Smart

2 reviews
caraway mountain belt with reed card holder. distressed brown leather for both wallet & belt
Roan Mountain Distressed Leather Belt and Wallet Set by Nickel Smart. Bifold wallet option.

1 review