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Nickel Solution® The Nickel Allergy Starter Kit™

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Nickel Solution® - "The Nickel Allergy Starter Kit™"

Take charge of your nickel allergy symptoms by first testing your metal items and then, if nickel is found, by protecting your skin.

Nickel Alert® allows you to quickly, easily, and effectively test any metal item for nickel content. Nickel Guard® provides a strong barrier of protection between that nickel in metal and your skin.

Nickel Solution contains both of these invaluable products and will save your skin from the discomfort of nickel allergy rash. Nickel Alert® comes in a plastic squeezable bottle containing 0.5 ounces (14.8 ml) of product. Nickel Guard® comes in a 0.23 ounce bottle (7.2 ml).

Recommended by leading dermatologists and allergists!

Use Nickel Alert and Nickel Guard in a well-ventilated area.

Postal Requirement: Nickel Solution contains a flammable liquid and must be shipped via Surface Mail. It requires ORMD labeling to ensure it is not shipped via air. These precautions can add to delivery times.

Please note: For safety reasons, once the tamper evident seal has been broken, Nickel Alert may not be returned.

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