Safest Phone for Nickel Allergy Sufferers?

A recent study has found that Apple’s Iphone and Android phones were the better choices for people with nickel allergy. In a recent test, no traces of nickel were found in either phone. However, the test showed that not all manufacturers were created equal! Nearly one third of the Blackberry phones tested contained nickel. Fortunately, Blackberry’s problems keeping any significant market share will mitigate the spread of nickel allergy reactions from their phones. But the true shocker was the amount of nickel found in more traditional “flip” style phones. Over 90% contained nickel, and over 50% contained cobalt, another metal that can cause contact dermatitis. Since nearly 40% of all phones are still of this older "flip" style, there is a good chance that the strange rash on your cheek could be from your phone! The best solution is to use a phone that is nickel free. But a plastic case can do wonders at keeping the symptoms of nickel allergy away!

Originally published by Janice Enright March 24, 2014