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Nickel Alert® Convenient 2-Pk
Nickel Alert® Convenient 2-Pk
Nickel Alert® Convenient 2-Pk
Nickel Alert® Convenient 2-Pk

Nickel Alert® Convenient 2-Pk

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A convenient and cost-saving two-pack of this essential tool for nickel allergy relief!

Nickel Alert (dimethylglyoxime or dmg nickel spot test) is a quick and easy way to find out for yourself if your metal items contain nickel! It's so effective that it will detect minute traces of nickel, so test before your skin reacts!

Each easy-to-use, squeezable plastic bottle allows for more than 200 positive tests! 

If nickel is detected, use Nickel Guard™ to protect your skin! These two products are also sold together as Nickel Solution®.


Use Nickel Alert in a well-ventilated area! 

Shipping Notice: Nickel Alert contains a flammable liquid and must be shipped via Surface Mail Only; it requires ORMD labeling to ensure it is not shipped via air. These precautions can add to delivery times.


Nickel Alert, Nickel Guard, and Nickel Solution are intended for use only on metal items. These items should be tested in an inconspicuous place. 

Nickel Alert will not harm metal, even delicate heirloom jewelry. However, if the item being tested has been coated, such as with varnish or antique finishes, the coating can be dissolved with the use of Nickel Alert.

Some degree of evaporation may be expected but will not impact the effectiveness of the product.