Stop Stomach Rash with a Nickel Free Belt

CF 2.0 Black Dress Belt by Nickel Smart®

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Probably the coolest belt in our collection, the CF 2.0 Black Belt makes a statement. What does that statement say? Nickel-free and hassle-free can look good, too. Metal-free carbon fiber makes up the unique hook-style buckle, which is then sewn to a full grain leather strap. Breeze through metal detectors and any other inconveniences in your day with the full knowledge that this belt isn't going to irritate your nickel allergy.

Pair it with professional wear for a sophisticated look, or let it be the star of any casual outfit.

This belt is also available with a silver-weaved buckle: The CF 2.0 Black Belt with Silver Weave Buckle or with a brown leather strap: The CF 2.0 Brown Belt


Style: Carbon Fiber Hook Buckle 
Material: Certified Nickel Free™ carbon fiber (metal free)

Color: Black
Width: 1⅜ inches (35 mm) 
Materials: Full grain leather

Handmade in USA 

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